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Other Activities

Besides being a dedicated Software Engineer and Researcher, I am passionate about driving positive change in the tech industry. I actively engaged in initiatives promoting women in tech, and equality. I am committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse tech landscape. 

Coordination Member, 2020 - Current

The 500 WS Zurich focuses on addressing gender and minority-related issues locally. The primary goal of the Zurich pod is to support women in science by organizing
networking activities with women in STEM, raising awareness of gender inequality, and
advocating for more inclusive work environments in Swiss institutions.

We believe more robust policies to address gender inequalities in academia are indispensable.


Committee Member, 2019 - 2022

Members of underrepresented groups face persistent barriers to equitable representation in neuroscience and beyond. The main goal of our committee is to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion for all employees at the ZNZ. We aim to counteract bias by promoting best practices to establish a positive workplace environment.

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