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I don't want it anymore

I wish things were different

I wish we were still together

But, as contradictory as it seems

I don't want to be with you anymore

I wish you had listen to me

I wish you had even called

I wish you felt comfortable and free

I wish I had told you about my day


I don't want your excuses no more

I don't want to justify your behaviors

I don't want to fight to be seen

I don't want to feel unworthy

I wish we had completed that photo album

I wish we had kept the promises

I wish we made to the future

I wish I was a person to you


even if you do everything as I wish

I've became someone else

And it is too late now

You made yourself a stranger to me

and as TS once said

I'm better off alone than with a man that didn't know what he had when he had it

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