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It's over, 2022

December is gone already. 2022 is over. It's incredible to stop and see the number of things I could do. It's rewarding to notice I still stand.

But in this social media world, it is easy to forget that everyone is going through things, and not everything is happening as we want them to.

Life is not perfect. No one is perfect.

It's been a rough couple of days around here. I've faced situations that shook hard my mental health.

And I'm so grateful to have people around me that care about me and are willing to listen to me, hug me, talk to me, and help me.

Being as stubborn as I am, and with this idea that I could (and should) be self-sufficient, accepting the help is also not easy, and, omg, how can one ever deserve to have people around willing to help even when you're screaming at them (not literally, I swear 🤣).

Today I had a conversation about this word: to deserve. Do we ever deserve something?

To deserve can be easily coupled with entitlement.

I don't believe we are entitled to things. And maybe deserving is not the right word, but we make our own decisions and ways in life, which comes with consequences. This is not deserving, but it is, in a sense, what we worked for, thus, what we get.

There's no way I can work or do anything to deserve the people I have supporting me.

They are by my side because they chose to.

Today, I also saw my cousin posting about her bf saying, 'he would easily leave me for pudding and mashed potatoes, but since he's in my life, I feel more loved and happier'.

That's the level of relationship (and love) I pursue and want to give, to be honest.

It's not about me deserving it, having the rights to it, or being entitled.

It's about someone's decision to give me their time, support, and love.

Not because of me but because they want to.

The type of love that makes you free to be whoever you are.

The type of love that brings you happiness and joy.

To know that the love of the other is theirs, and we can only be grateful if they decide to give it to us.

To everyone who has helped me the last couple of days: I'm grateful, your love makes me happier, and I hope my love for you makes you happier too.

But I also love mashed potatoes.

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