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Me, all in words

(I just found this text I wrote a long time ago about myself. How much of it is still me?)

I have never broken an arm or a finger. But I have already twisted my ankle, and some years ago I broke a tooth. Four teeth. At once!

I had perfect teeth until I complete something between 18 and 19 years when my last two teeth decided to appear and warped two of my front teeth (in the lower arcade).

Sometimes I am needy. I like to hear things, even when I already know them. I like to see how people think and hold an argument. I like to know everything. Curiosity is a virtue.

I don't think I am clever, actually, I'm really silly, but for a long time now I'm not naive. Life teaches. I don't think I'm smart, but I am very hardworking, and I always want to be better than I am now.

I love candies! All types. If it has sugar, it's already ok. I prefer cold things, which give me a better sensation. I love ice cream. It's the perfect combination: sweet and cold.

I'm super brave but also a bit scared. Sometimes I don't know why. Sometimes it's because I think I won't get to be happy. I'm happy, but what if it doesn't last?

I try to "live my life as I want", which does not mean that I don't care about others or I don't do things or smile just to please other people... no one lives alone.

I've got a whole day without eating. I've stayed several nights awake, and I also didn't sleep to study.

I don't regret the things I did, but I regret my silence.

Crazy, cause I do talk a lot. I mean, a lot. My teachers would all complain because I was speaking during the lectures! Good thing that I managed to talk and learn, at least good for me. I try to keep it low and to seem normal. I just can't.

I am not always myself; I'm not always honest. But I genuinely try to be.

I have some good friends, people that I love. I am a person that loves, and I like that.

I smile for everything and for nothing too. Anything and everything can make me laugh, some people think I'm crazy, and the thing is: I am. Sometimes I laugh until I cry. Once I almost died from laughing so much and not being able to breathe.

My first bad grade was in the fourth grade, elementary school, in Math. I threw the exam away.

The first time that I cheated on an exam was in my computer science bachelor's. In my second year. I was accepted into the Federal university when I was 17yo.

I cried when I got my first bad grade in my bachelor's. But during it, I failed two courses, and I was able to tell that to people and laugh. Many times I skipped classes just because I was not in the mood.

I got my degree, and I had an awesome party. I started my master's, and I cried many times over the two years it lasted. I got my degree; I'm MSc in Informatics.

I do have many hobbies: traveling around, meeting people, taking photos, and playing volleyball. But there is one thing that I really like to do: plan a party. I was used to planning my birthday parties, and I would make the cake, candies, cookies... Did I tell you that I love sweet things?

I've believed in God, and sometimes I've fought with him. I've prayed while crying, and I've cried while praying.

I've lost a friend in a car accident, and for a long time, I couldn't hear "kiss me" from sixpence none the richer without crying and being so angry.

I've fainted so many times; I have a zillion of scars and bruises. Once, I was playing tag, I was running without looking forward, then when I turned, I hit a tree, I got a cut just above my left eye, it bled, and I fainted. I woke up, saw the blood, and I fainted again. I got five stitches.

I have made horrible mistakes, and I laugh about some of them. I've hugged a stranger because I thought I knew him.

Once, my mom cut my hair so so short, I hated it, and I cried for two weeks, every time that I looked at myself in the mirror. Today I do crazy stuff with my hair. If it doesn't work, it's fine, my hair doesn't define who I am.

So many times, I did things without thinking... Many more, I thought before doing it, and of those, I acted on very few times.

I didn't like music (a long time ago). I started to like it because of a friend that I used to love. We lost contact with each other. He introduced me to hollow years from dream theater. I still like that song.

I like many different styles of music.

I'm called crazy. Sometimes I get everything wrong. I have PMS. I love chocolate. I used to have fights with my sister, but I genuinely love her.

I love to be nice, but sometimes people think my behavior is weird. I like to hug my friends. And to talk to them, and tell them strange things about my day. I have a group of friends that always know what I'm up to, even though they live super far from me. I keep sending them messages — every day. I don't like when people disappear without warning.

I love movies; I like the movie theater.

I have the worst memory ever. Do I know your name? Sorry, I may ask you again a couple of times. Once, I introduce myself to someone, and the person said: "nice to meet you again, Vanessa." I stopped introducing myself, haha.

I like to write; I rarely put the words out nicely. I hope this time was fine. :)

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